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Free yourself from clutter

Consultants in sorting and tidying, we guide you in the responsible decluttering and organization of your home.

Decluttering to regain your inner well-being

Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to sort through your belongings? Are you going through change and needing to take stock of your possessions? Find serenity with our home organizers.

We guide you with respect and empathy in the responsible decluttering of your interior and your headspace. Together, we help you free yourself from objects that no longer have meaning for you and to surround yourself with those that are good for you.

Who are we?


Clarity is a Swiss home-organizing company founded in 2016 by Marieke and Eliette Staub. Experts in sorting and decluttering, they are the first Marie Kondo Master Consultants in Europe, with years of experience in responsible decluttering and sharing their expertise with clients around the world.

Responsible Decluttering

On average, 2.5 tons of objects are accumulated in homes.

Between 54 and 110 million smartphones are ‘sleeping’ in drawers.

The French think they own 34 electrical and electronic devices per household. In reality, they own an average of 99.

Source: ADEME, Opération Février 2022.

Dare to change: consume better, live lighter“.

How can we help you ?

At-home session

Our home organizers come to your home for personalized coaching guiding you in sorting through your possessions and organizing your home with clear solutions.

Moving & unpacking

For a seamless move, our home organizers help you sort and pack your belongings. Once in your new home, they help you organize your belongings and your new living space for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Clarity accompagne les seniors dans le tri des objets encombrants


Moving to a smaller home or senior residence? Do you want to get rid of objects accumulated over the years? We can help you to clear out your clutter and sort through your belongings.

Remote session

By phone we work with you to establish a personalized decluttering action plan according to your objectives, delivering advice, suggestions, recommendations and concrete solutions to implement.


Is employee well-being important to you? Would you like to offer your team an instructive and entertaining session on a current social theme? Contact us to discuss our business intervention offers, which are flexible and adapted to your needs (lunch & learn, workshop, etc.).


Our workshops are an opportunity to introduce you to our method of decluttering. We provide advice and workable solutions to take action and regain your inner well-being.

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