In-Home session

Do you want to declutter your home, organize it and create a space where you feel good? Our certified organizers will accompany you in the process, providing support in personalized home sessions.

Bring order to your life

Are you overwhelmed by your home and belongings? Are you unable to stop tidying and feeling overwhelmed and stressed by your situation? Our home organizers will personally accompany you during a home session that meets your needs, to create a healthy and serene living environment.

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What do we offer?

Our home sessions allow you to find balance in your home and your headspace. By your side, we first analyze your situation, then accompany you in sorting through your possessions. We help you take action, delivering concrete results. 

Support for decision making

Our support helps you make informed decisions about your objects, without judgment or pressure. You remain in control as we guide you to keep only those items that bring you joy and make sense to you.

Implementation of an action plan

Our clear and concrete solutions are adapted to your situation, so that you can take action and implement our step-by-step method.

Customized recommendations and advice

According to your needs and expectations, we recommend suitable storage and organization solutions. We also give you advice on how to design and enhance your home.

The process of a home session

Discover the main steps of a first at-home session with Clarity. This process varies, depending on your needs. Clarity recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and adapts to each situation.

1. Evaluation of your needs

During an initial twenty-minute telephone meeting, we define your needs and expectations together. We explain our approach and advise you on the service best suited to your situation. This step is free of charge and without obligation.

2. Inventory of the premises

When we arrive at your home, we invite you to share your goals, wishes and desires with us again. Together, we determine the results expected at the end of this session. This crucial step determines the action plan of our collaboration.

3. Tour of the house

After the inventory of the premises, you let us discover your interior at your own pace. You are our guide and you decide what you want to show us.

4. Application of the decluttering method

According to your predefined objectives, we accompany you step by step with our personalized decluttering method: inventory of your belongings, sorting and decision making, tidying, suggestions, recommendations, etc. We also help you to organize the management of the objects that leave your home (donation, charities, landfill, etc.). 

5. Conclusion of the session

At the end of the session, we plan the next steps in your decluttering journey and any tasks that need to be completed. If you wish to extend the coaching beyond this initial session, you can book additional in-depth sessions as a one-off or regular follow-up. 

Why work with us?

Certified and experienced home organizers

Marieke and Eliette, Clarity’s two home organizers, are certified Marie Kondo consultants. The first in Europe to have reached the Master level of this certification, they have many years of experience in decluttering, organizing and tidying.

Our values


Sorting out your home can be emotional. We adapt to all situations with gentleness and kindness. We listen to your personal story and move at your pace.


Whatever your situation, we always accompany you with respect. Without judgment, we help you find a balance and feel good about yourself in your home.


Each project is important to us. That’s why we are 100% committed to our assignments and are there for you from start to finish. We work together, with fellowship and good humor, to achieve your goals. 

Environmental awareness

We are responsible and respectful in our approach to the planet, and sensitive to issues related to overconsumption and our environmental impact.

Personalized and adapted help

Since each situation is different, our collaborations are entirely customized, according to your needs and expectations. You benefit from unique and personalized support as we work together hand-in-hand to achieve your goals.

Empathetic listening

Without judgment, we listen to your personal story and move at your pace.

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Do you want to declutter your home and have a space where you feel good? Contact our home organizers, who will guide you in your project.

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