About Clarity

Clarity is a responsible home organizing company founded by Eliette and Marieke Staub. Since 2016, these experienced consultants have been guiding clients around the world in sorting, tidying and decluttering interiors.

Our Mission

We want you to feel good in your space thanks to decluttering.

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Find your inner well-being

Clarity’s home organizers help you declutter your home and your headspace. We help you identify and free yourself from objects that are a source of tension and find a place for those that have meaning for you. With kindness, respect and empathy, we guide you in making decisions and letting go. Our goal? To help you create a living environment that reflects who you are and in which you feel good.

Responsible decluttering

Because sorting is not synonymous with throwing away, we adopt a responsible approach. What does this entail? We suggest you donate your objects to charities in order to give them a second life. And if you wish, we can also help you to adopt consumption habits that are more respectful to the planet and offer advice for sustainable organization solutions.

Who is Clarity ?

Marieke and Eliette Staub, sorting experts, are the founders and main consultants of Clarity, with over seven years of experience.

Experienced instructors

Marieke and Eliette founded Clarity in 2016,deciding in the same year to train in the Marie Kondo method and are the first certified KonMari consultants in Europe. In 2018, the momentum continued and they were personally selected by Marie Kondo to teach her method to other consultants internationally.

Marieke and Eliette did not stop there, continuing to train and learn about other approaches, including behavioral change, our relationship to objects and the psychology of consumption.

In the course of decluttering homes, they continue their evolution in order to highlight the surprising dichotomy between our identified needs and the reality of our possessions. Today, sorting holds (almost) no secrets for them! They share their expertise with their clients and adapt to all situations.

Passionate about sorting

No, Marieke and Eliette are not obsessive about organization, beige boxes and minimalist interiors. They participate in neighborhood garage sales and enjoy homes where everyday life takes up space, sometimes resulting in mess, but always feels like a great place to live!. What they love most of all is practicality, a good dose of aesthetics, and, above all, carefully sorting and selecting objects that make you feel good. Because nothing beats feeling good at home every day!

Field of action

Clarity is based in Geneva and Lausanne. Marieke and Eliette travel regularly and with great pleasure to support you in the accomplishment of your project, wherever you are. They are fluent in French, English and German, and can even work in Spanish.

Our values


Sorting out homes can be emotional. We adapt to all situations with gentleness and kindness, listening to your personal story and moving at your pace.


Whatever your situation, we always accompany you with respect. Without judgment, we help you find a balance to feel good about yourself in your home.


Each project is important to us. That’s why we are 100% committed to our assignments and are there for you from start to finish. We work together, with fellowship and good humor, to achieve your goals.

Environmental awareness

We are responsible and respectful in our approach to the planet, and sensitive to issues related to overconsumption and our environmental impact.

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