Moving in and out

Are you planning to move and wanting help during this important life stage? Our home organizers can help you with your move and move-in process.

A smooth move

Are you moving and don’t know where to start or how to go about sorting and packing your belongings? The workload of a move can quickly seem insurmountable. In order to help you experience this change smoothly, our home organizers guide you throughout this transition.

What do we offer?

Moving can be highly stressful. A collaboration with Clarity allows you to approach it with a minimum of fuss. First we analyze your situation, then we accompany you in the sorting of your possessions and supporting you in the tasks intrinsic to a move (landfill, sale, donation, packing, etc.). Let’s team up for stress-free moving. 

Sorting through your belongings

What to do with all the stuff? Are these things still useful and enjoyable? Many people ask themselves these questions when they are preparing to move. As we know, it can sometimes be difficult to decide to part with certain items. That’s why we help you sort through your possessions before your move, so that you are surrounded by only those items that bring you joy in your new home.

The sustainable future of your objects

When the sorting is over, what should you do with those things that are cluttering up your home and that you don’t want to take with you? Discard them, sell them, give them away? Our consultants work with you on the future of your objects. In a sustainable and responsible approach, we suggest, if you wish, to donate your possessions in good condition to give them a second life. We are delighted to free you from this often-arduous process.

Packing up

Now it’s time to pack up your belongings and the things you’ve decided to keep. Wondering how to go about packing? We will help you  with our established method and organization. 

Assistance for an efficient move

Moving into your new home is a crucial step. This change in the living environment can be stressful and unsettling. With our move-in support, we help you quickly transform this foreign place into a home in which you feel comfortable.

Putting your items away

Your boxes have arrived. Now it’s time to open and empty them. Pre-packing allows you to have a clear vision of all your possessions. We will help you organize your belongings in a methodical way so that you can start on a clear and healthy basis. Together, we give a special place to all the objects that are dear to you: dishes, clothes, etc. 

Sustainable organization

For sustainable storage, good organization is key. We offer concrete solutions for organizing and furnishing your new home. If necessary, we recommend specific and adapted storage systems. The goal is to provide you with all the keys to keep your home tidy for the long term. 

The advantages of using Clarity

Our services allow you to…

  • enjoy a smooth relocation and installation
  • quickly make operational the rooms that are most important to you
  • enjoy your new home from the very first day
  • avoid boxes that clutter the space for weeks or months
  • reduce the costs of moving
  • eliminate much of the stress associated with moving
  • Immediately achieve the optimal organization in accordance with your needs and your new place
  • feel supported in your decisions
  • feel clear in the coordination and logistics of the donation process
  • enjoy service tailored to your needs and wishes
  • empathetic support during this stressful period

Why work with us?

Certified and experienced home organizers

Marieke and Eliette, Clarity’s two home organizers, are certified Marie Kondo consultants. The first in Europe to have reached the Master level of this certification, they have many years of experience in decluttering, organizing and tidying. 

Our values


Sorting out your home can be emotional. We adapt to all situations with gentleness and kindness. We listen to your personal story and move at your pace. 


Whatever your situation, we always accompany you with respect. Without judgment, we help you find a balance and feel good about yourself in your home.  


Each project is important to us. That’s why we are 100% committed to our assignments and are there for you from start to finish. We work together, with fellowship and good humor, to achieve your goals. 

Environmental awareness

We are responsible and respectful in our approach to the planet, and sensitive to issues related to overconsumption and our environmental impact.

Personalized and adapted help

Since each situation is different, our collaborations are entirely customized, according to your needs and expectations. You benefit from unique and personalized support as we work together hand-in-hand to achieve your goals.

Empathetic listening

Without judgment, we listen to your personal story and move at your pace.

Trusted by…

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Are you interested in our approach?

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