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Do you need to declutter? Do you want to live in an organized, comfortable space? You want to do it alone, but you need a helping hand to get started? During our public or private workshops, our home organizers share their approach, providing the right tools and a concrete action plan so that you can finally take action.

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What do we offer? 

Clarity’s approach was created for you to take action and identify and deal with the tension-creating objects in your home. The goal is to ensure that you have enough space in your home for what really matters. While questioning your relationship to objects, the Clarity method allows you to reveal potential: your home’s and your ow

The 4 main topics of the workshop

  • Decision-making: deciding what to keep (or not)
  • Letting go: the keys to successfully releasing.
  • Sorting objects: in a serene and straight forward way
  • Revealing potential: organizing in a sustainable and optimal way so you fall in love with your interio
Do yourself good by freeing yourself from what clutters your life

Workshops topics

Our workshops can be tailored to your needs. The subjects may vary, depending on the format.

  • Our relation to objects 
  • A dive into our functioning and consumption’s mechanisms 
  • Revealing your inner potential 
  • How to give a more sustainable flavor to our consumption?
  • An end to lost purchasing power and control over healthy consumption
  • Decluttering to facilitate a life transition
  • No more stepping on Lego, or how to stop being overwhelmed by your child’s room.
  • Encountering blockages when decluttering 
  • Tidying up “à la Clarity”: our point of view and our approach
  • Tips and tricks for optimal and long-lasting storage

Our workshops can be given individually or in large groups.

Why work with us?

Certified and experienced home organizers

Marieke and Eliette, Clarity’s two home organizers, are certified Marie Kondo consultants. The first in Europe to have reached the Master level of this certification, they have many years of experience in decluttering, organizing and tidying.

Our values


Sorting out your home can be emotional. We adapt to all situations with gentleness and kindness. We listen to your personal story and move at your pace.


Whatever your situation, we always accompany you with respect. Without judgment, we help you find a balance and feel good about yourself in your home.


Each project is important to us. That’s why we are 100% committed to our assignments and are there for you from start to finish. We work together, with fellowship and good humor, to achieve your goals. 

Environmental awareness

We are responsible and respectful in our approach to the planet, and sensitive to issues related to overconsumption and our environmental impact.

Personalized and adapted help

Since each situation is different, our collaborations are entirely customized, according to your needs and expectations. You benefit from unique and personalized support as we work together hand-in-hand to achieve your goals.

Empathetic listening

Without judgment, we listen to your personal story and move at your pace.

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Do you want to declutter your home and have a space where you feel good? Contact our home organizers, who will guide you in your project.

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